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April 5, 2014

After a considerable period of reflection and debate I have decided to stand as an independent republican Socialist Candidate in the Dublin Inner City Ward in next May’s local election.

We are living though a period in which there have been consistent attacks on the living standards of ordinary working people. We have had the Household tax, Property Tax and next year we will have Water Taxes. The Political establishment have brought these in without any wide scale opposition.

The Household Tax campaign which was successful in that it mobilised thousands of people onto the streets and ended with a substantial number of homeowners refusing to pay, The State agencies learned from this and brought in the Storm troopers from the Revenue Commissioners to implement the Property Tax thus leading to the defeat of the campaign before it started.

It was disappointing to note that in the Inner City where there was a huge groundswell of opposition to these taxes not one of the elected or self appointed Councillors or TD’s opposed the implementation of these attacks on homeowners. It is also disappointing that half of those who now sit in the Council on behalf of the people of the Inner City never stood in an election and war eco-opted by their political masters to represent our people. One seat having changed hand 3 times and another two replaced by people who had never been heard of previously. There is something profoundly anti democratic about a system which allows that.

I have been involved and active in politics all my life and now have to really question the value of electoral politics, on issue after issue those we elect refuse to stand by the demands of the people in their areas.

During last year’s introduction of abortion an issue which most commentators agree divides the Nation none of our elected representatives sided with the pro-life side, they either supported the introduction of abortion or remained silent.

Likewise the same position occurred during the Children’s referendum.

It seems to me that what is required are candidate of conviction who have a political viewpoint which goes beyond getting re-elected.

I have decided to stand because I believe that the Council should represent the views of the Electorate and that politicians should be true to the positions they set out while seeking election.

During all of my life I have always stood by my principals often at great cost, I have never avoided taking an unpopular stance regardless of the outcome. If elected by the voters of the inner City I will continue to be a voice of Principle and Conscience.

If you wish to assist in my campaign please contact me or follow me on Facebook.


05/04/2014 Malachy Steenson