Text of Statement issued after the Anti abortion posters case in Carrickmacross District Court today..


Wednesday 9th September 2015


At Carrickmacross District Court today the State withdrew charges against anti- abortion activist Pat Boyle.

Mr. Boyle (73) was before the Court charged with displaying a poster which was threatening, abusive or obscene under Section 7 of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994 on the 21st December 2014.

The alleged offence occurred outside Carrickmacross Church where Mr. Boyle displayed the poster on the back of his jeep which was parked outside while another one was on railing opposite.

During the course of Mr. Boyle’s arrest he was handcuffed and taken to Carrickmacross Garda Station where he was held overnight, on the following day he was taken to Carrickmacross District Court where he was remanded to Cloverhill, he was held overnight in Cloverhill and took up bail. Since then Mr. Boyle has appeared in Court 6 times.

On the 3rd June Judge Conal Gibbons, following a submission by defence solicitor Malachy Steenson granted and order requiring the Garda to produce to the defence an internal Garda memo circulated by the Commissioner’s Office to all Garda Stations in 1997 advising that the display of these type of posters did not breech the law. Rather than produce this document the State have withdrawn the charges.

Speaking following the dropping of charges Mr. Boyle said that

“It is clear that the Garda are acting as political policemen and are attempting to intimidate pro life campaigners in advance of the expected referendum on the 8th Amendment. I have campaigned for many many years to protect the life of the unborn and will continue to do so I will not be intimidated. I now encourage other campaigners to use these posters to maximum effect.

I stand by the law and the constitution which is also the role of the Garda and the Courts. It is very clear to me that the pro abortionists and those who will abandon the murder of the unborn for short term political gain are embarrassed by the sight of posters which show butchered babies post abortion and expose the reality of what they want to legalize. The stain and the mark of death is now on Carrickmacross and the rest of Ireland”.

His Solicitor Malachy Steenson added that “Mr. Boyle would be now considering his options in relation to his arrest which was clearly politically motivated”.


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