Response to Provisional Sinn Fein Dublin City Councillor

As many of you will have noted there have been a number of conversations on Facebook involving a Provisional Sinn Fein Councillor, these emanate from a comment I put on a post on his page. He had posted about a young boxer whom he funds, this is not the first time he has put up posts saying how he finances teams, this to me shows his egotism, rather than just comment on the young lads achievements and success he has to place himself in the story effectively asserting that there would be no success without him and his funding. I further made the point that he was silent on the Marie Cahill events.

I had considered whether or not I would respond and had initially decided that he was doing quite well exposing himself for the uninformed individual that he is, however the actions from him since then which I will refer to further left me with no alternative than to set matters straight.

There then followed a number of private messages from him which I posted on Facebook on Thursday starting with

“Wats your problem Iv always being respectful to you when ever we met If you have somthing to say to me say it to my face. I notice people can’t comment on your page Wat are you hiding I won’t take shit from the likes of you”

He went on to ridicule and insult anyone who posted a comment contrary to his.

Firstly let’s look at his record, prior to him being announced as a PSF candidate he had never been heard of not alone in the wider political community but even in his own party. Within months of him being elected he stated and advised other Councillors that he was quitting, PSF put out a statement saying that was because of ill health, he subsequently stated that he was being bullied by members of PSF and that lies were being spread by them about him, during the number of weeks he was out of PSF he went around a number of people and groups bad mouthing his former party etc., he then rejoined them. I had never heard of him in any political capacity prior to the election and have only met him twice at events during the election. I had naturally heard various things about him, which libel laws prevent me from articulating.

His only comment in relation to Maria Cahill was that these things happened long before he was born, ……….that would make him 18 now, as Maria was raped by a very senior member of the PIRA staff in 1996, it is now common currency by even those in PSF that she was raped.

During the course of his hysterical posts on Saturday, of which I was not involved in and which he was apparently instructed to remove, he stated

“ (Rob Steenson) your such a hard man that iv to research. We meet in a boxing club iv one der I’ll give €1000 euro to inner city feeding the homeless if you can last more than min in the ring with me. So you up for that Rambo Robert who iv to research” (sic)

Those of you who have read Rob’s post last week put up for mental health week, which incidentally had 33,500 likes, almost 10,000 shares and the linked Youtube video had 9,500 hits, will know from what is outlined there and his injury that he would not be going anywhere near a boxing ring.
The said Councillor went on to make a number of phone calls to a former member of the Provisional’s demanding to know who Rob was and where he lived with the intention of going down to him. I would have thought it was blatantly obvious who he was.

He further went on to ask is he (me) related to that Padraig Steenson fella from East Wall, the fact that anyone would ask those questions particularly someone who claims to be a Republican doesn’t need any comment from me, except to say that we are one of (if not the most)well known Republican families in Dublin for many decades past.
He also contacted senior members of his own party who rang family members to complain, I have yet to find anything in the posts from my side which were concerning.

Subsequent to this he rang a Republican activist in the area demanding to know where he got his information, the individual again is well known and has lived in the Ballybough area all his life, he challenged to a face to face meeting and he rang back enquiring if this individual was related to another person, again this would be common knowledge within the area and also within the wider Republican Community. But not to the said Cll. He also went on to gloat about how he drove a €100k car and lived in a €1m house, I can surmise the response he got to that.

He then sent a private message to the nephew of an assassinated IRA leader

“our friend is telling lies I’m a Sinn Fein councillor but support many clubs for years boxing football and young kids involved on sports I’m only newly elected as a councillor and I pay for these sponsors from my personal money or from my company Sorry for sending the message just felt it’s only fair I say the truth as I can’t comment on his page
Chat Conversation End

Again he clearly had no idea who this individual was.

Nowhere in any of his commentary is there anything relating to politics save his comment that I must be anti Provisional Sinn Fein as a lot of posts on my page were against PSF, again that’s hardly news, my views on them are well know.

If he thinks the kitchen is hot now how will he react when the abuse issues in this State are revealed, including Louth and Bray………….and how they were dealt with.

He asserted the following:-

“I’d like to thank you’s all for your kind comments It’s sick to think that people are using the lady case as a way to get at members of Sinn Fein who wernt even born for most of the lies der talking about”.(sic)
Well we know who was telling the lies now don’t we.

As a lifelong republican activist I don’t have to apologise or explain myself to him, he jeers that I was a Stick yet doesn’t appear to know what that means, in fact I have been a member of a number of different groupings over the years again which is widely known, and comments that I have never been elected, well perhaps if I had sold my soul to the devil for forty pieces of silver then I would be.
I have maintained the same position all of my life and have not deviated from the politics of Irish Republicanism, how many of his leaders can say that?

Finally I challenge the said Councillor to a live radio debate on Irish Republicanism, which I will arrange.


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